Q: Why is it important for my batteries to be fresh?  

A: It is very important that the batteries you use with your hearing aids be fresh, the length of use time of the battery is directly related to how fresh the batteries are. This is why HEARPRO sources our batteries directly from the manufacturer to ensure that the batteries you purchase are as fresh as possible.

Q: How do I activate my HEARPRO batteries?  

A: All HEARPRO batteries are Zinc air activated batteries.  Simply remove the sticker from the battery to activate.

Q: How long should I wait before inserting the HEARPRO battery into the hearing aid.  

A: It is best to wait at least 5 minutes for the HEARPRO battery to come up to full charge before inserting battery into your hearing aid.

Q: How long will my HEARPRO batteries last in my hearing aid?

A: It is difficult to determine the length of time your HEARPRO batteries will last in your hearing aid.  Many factors will determine battery life such as: Type of hearing loss, length of use time, listening environments, streaming activity ETC.

Q: How do I change the battery in my hearing aid?

A: See video below.