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Rayovac Long-Lasting Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries 60 Pack by HEARPRO - Mercury-Free - Zinc Air Technology - Made in USA - Plus RAYOVAC Keychain Battery Case

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  • PREMIUM LONG LASTING - HEARPRO 312 Hearing Aid Batteries are long lasting due to their unique freshness and our exclusive partnership with RAYOVAC, the best manufacturer for Hearing Aid Batteries, to make this unique and powerful battery. Our batteries come directly from our manufacturing right when you order. Ensuring you receive the freshest and longest lasting batteries possible
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our Hearing Aid Batteries 312 are manufactured in the USA. In comparison, batteries made in foreign countries have to be shipped for over 1 month before arriving in the USA. Significantly decreasing their battery life and effectiveness. USA made ensures the highest quality 312 battery for your hearing aids
  • ZINC AIR TECHNOLOGY - RAYOVAC HEARPRO 312 Batteries use 1.45V Zinc Air Technology, providing maximum operating time for the entire pack. Advanced technology hearing aids require the highest quality batteries for the best results. These batteries contain all the newest Rayovac hearing aid battery technology, including being Mercury Free
  • FREE RAYOVAC KEYCHAIN BATTERY CASE - Receive one RAYOVAC battery keychain case for every 60 pack order. These travel caddies are perfect for never losing your hearing aid batteries again
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Customer experience and ease is our #1 priority. For any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a complete exchange