Why do my hearing aid batteries die so quickly?

The key to getting the maximum life out of your hearing aid batteries is getting the freshest batteries possible.  The general rule is that batteries should be used within six months from the date of manufacture. Unfortunately, for the average battery user, it is impossible to determine the date of manufacture.  While there is an expiration date on the back of most battery packages, it simply means that the battery will work. It may only last a couple of hours to a day, but certainly will not provide maximum battery life.  Freshness is critical for maximizing the battery life of your hearing aid batteries. Here at HEARPRO, all our batteries are less than one month old; this way we can ensure our customers that the batteries will always be fresh.

Today’s hearing aids are very different than previous generations. As the computer processors become more sophisticated and energy demanding, in addition to bluetooth and the streaming functions, the demands placed on the battery by today’s modern hearing aids are much greater.  To maximize battery life, is important to allow your batteries to come up to full charge prior to inserting the battery into your hearing aid. Zinc air batteries have a sticker on them to keep them dorment. Once the sticker is removed, oxygen enters the batteries through the tiny holes in the back and initiates a chemical reaction. Thus, allowing your batteries to sit for at least 5 minutes before inserting into your hearing aids will maximize your battery life.

Should you have any further questions on how to maximize your battery life, email us directly at info@hearpro.com