What Are The Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries?

What are the longest lasting hearing aid batteries is a question people have asked for decades. Well luckily, we have done the work to find out. This list of Hearing Aid batteries will find the size 312 hearing aid batteries that last the longest in modern day hearing aids.

Hearing aids today are more demanding than ever. Therefore, they need and deserve long lasting hearing aid batteries to provide the best results. First, we will list some factors that are important to obtaining maximum battery life.  Then we will explore the top 3 batteries available on today’s market.

1. Are they made in the USA?

    This is the most important factor, as batteries made in the USA are the freshest, and therefore last the longest.  Batteries made overseas must travel from the country of origin to the US via ship, meaning that the batteries may be over a month old before they arrive here in the US.  Thus when we consider the time it takes to get from the port of entry to the floor of your local drugstore, it may be a period of well over 6 months before you purchase the battery.

    2. Are they fresh?

      As in, how quickly do they arrive on your doorstep after manufacturing.  The older a battery is, the shorter the battery life will be. As a rule of thumb, hearing aid batteries should be used within a 6 month time from the date of manufacture.  Purchasing batteries online is likely the best way to get your batteries. However, freshness is critical. Make certain that the battery arrives at your home as quickly from the date of manufacture as possible.

      3. What is the price?

        The cheaper the hearing aid battery, the less likely they are high quality and last a long time.  In addition, cheaper batteries are likely to be manufactured overseas in countries like China, where quality control is almost non-existent.  Nevermind that the batteries must travel over the seas to arrive here, as said previously, this reduces significantly the battery freshness.

        4. What is the brand?

        The brand really matters for how long they last. For instance, Amazon basics may not last nearly as long as Starkey Hearing Aid batteries (See list below.)  Amazon, Costco, and Walmart all purchases a large amount of batteries at one time. That is how Amazon and others are able to keep the cost to the consumer low.  However, as one must consider how old the battery is by the time it gets to your doorstep, it may already be many months if not a year old. Thus, significantly reducing maximum battery life.

          Now that we know what are the factors that make a hearing aid battery last the longest, here is a list of the best brands and batteries for size 312, size 10,  and size 13 hearing aid battery types. 

          The Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Battery Brands: 

          1. Ray-O-Vac Proline.  

          Ray-O-Vac batteries have a long history of manufacturing hearing aid batteries here in the US. As with all batteries, the higher the quality of the manufacturing process, the higher the quality of the end product.  Ray-O-Vac have long earned a reputation for high quality hearing aid batteries. The Proline batteries are the top batteries made by Ray-O-Vac.

          1. Starkey

          Starkey is a well known hearing aid manufacturer.  They invest a considerable amount of money in the development of hearing aid technology.  They are keenly aware of the demands these technologically advanced hearing aids put on today's hearing aid batteries.  Stakey batteries will provide the power and good battery life for today’s modern hearing aids.

          1. HEARPRO

          HEARPRO batteries provide the longest battery life of the batteries we tested.  Maximizing the freshness of the battery by maintaining tight inventory controls and manufacturing on an as need basis here in the US.  While remaining competitively priced with other top quality batteries. HEARPRO is able to insure the freshness of our batteries. Simply put, freshness is the key, an older battery will not provide the battery life of a fresh battery.