Hearing Loss Travel Tips For Hearing Aids 2020

Are you traveling this spring?

Here are some tips to make traveling with hearing loss if not better and least bearable.

  • Plan before you travel:
        1. Get your hearing aids inspected prior to leaving. Nothing is more disappointing to be traveling on the trip of a lifetime, and not be able to hear your best
        2. Bring a spare set of hearing aids.  If you don’t have a spare set, consider renting a set from your specialist.  Many specialists will offer a rental/loaner program.
        3. Bring extra batteries and supplies.  Many places in the world don’t have the special batteries that your hearing aids require.  This also applies to wax cups, chargers etc.
        4. If traveling to hot and humid locations, consider bringing a dry aid kit.  Your specialist can obtain one for you.
  • Security
        1. Generally your hearing aids are not a security issue.
        2. That said, you should always advise airport security that you wear hearing aids.  This is especially important as you may not be able to understand all instructions and could defuse any misunderstandings by simply advising the security personal.
        3. Keep your hearing aids in your ears.  Travel is stressful enough, losing your hearing aids will only add to the stress as hearing aids are typically lost when they are not in your ear.
  • On the Flight
      1. Advise the aircraft staff of your hearing loss.  It is typically difficult for normal hearing individuals to understand the instructions through the aircraft speaker system.  For those with hearing loss it can be almost impossible.
      2. Bring your own entertainment.  Due to the loud levels that occur on-board the aircraft, you may not be able to hear the on-board entertainment.  Many of today’s modern hearing aids can be paired to your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to watch programming of your choosing directly though your hearing aids.  Ask you specialist if your hearing aids can be paired and how to do so.
    1. Have a great time: Relax, enjoy and have fun.  Generally, that is the purpose of your travel.