Are all size 312 batteries the same? - Ask The Expert

One of the questions that I see frequently is, will an A312 battery work in my hearing aid when the batteries I use are a R312?  It is easy to see how one can be confused. The hearing aid industry has standardized the sizing of batteries. This is true for size 312 as well as for size 10, 13 and size 675.  This means that as long as the battery is for a hearing aid, and is size 312, it will fit in your hearing aid. Another indicator is the color on the packaging and the sticker color on the back of the battery.  A size 312 battery has brown in the packaging and the sticker will be brown as well. This color coding also holds true for the other size batteries. Be aware if your hearing aid uses a size 312 battery, a size 13 battery will not fit.  A size 13 battery is the same diameter, but is twice as thick. If you have a hearing aid battery related questions, please ask the expert.